MoBCI Grant Program

Proposals due September 30, 2016
Work Period July 1, 2017 – May 1, 2018

>> Download FY2017 Call for Proposals with Sample Proposal (825KB PDF)

The Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative (MoBCI) serves as a conduit in providing financial support to private and public organizations or to individuals who have partnerships that carry out bird habitat conservation projects in Missouri. Eligible activities include projects that protect, enhance or restore bird habitats on any lands in Missouri. All projects should be habitat based and not strictly designed for monitoring; however, monitoring can be a component of the project (<10%); some component of effectiveness monitoring is recommended. MoBCI grant funds cannot assist applicants with administrative overhead costs and cannot be used to purchase equipment. Applicants can include their administrative overhead as match provided that it is directly related to the bird habitat improvement project or monitoring of that project being proposed through this current Call for Proposals. Key: MoBCI dollars are specifically directed to bird habitat improvement goals that meet the needs of birds that utilize native habitats in Missouri and must address the bird conservation initiatives below.

MoBCI grant projects must be relevant to the goals and objectives of one or more of the major national and international bird conservation initiatives, including the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, Partners in Flight Bird Conservation Plans applicable to Missouri, North American Waterbird Conservation Plan, U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan, and the Northern Bobwhite Conservation Initiative. If you do not have ready access to these plans you can find them at the following web addresses:

In addition, priority will be given to projects that address priority habitats which benefit priority bird species identified in any of the Comprehensive Conservation Strategy (CCS) Priority Conservation Geographies (see map on page 4), Conservation Opportunity Areas (COA’s) or approved species/habitat restoration plans. For examples of proposals, visit the MoBCI web site; for information on priority habitats visit the Missouri Department of Conservation’s “Conservation Opportunity Area” web site. A map of Missouri’s Important Bird Areas can be found at

Projects should benefit an array of species, such as grassland birds, forest birds, wetland birds or glade birds. An acceptable project may target one or more high priority bird species, but should include benefits to other species, involve habitat and ecosystem level planning and management, and engage partners with shared goals and objectives.

>> Download FY2018 Call for Proposals with Sample Proposal (825KB PDF)

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