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[5/16/2016] Ernesto Carman, Costa Rican Birding Guide

Ernesto Carman, well-known birding guide of Costa Rica, will come to Missouri in May. While here he will make a presentation at the auditorium at the Missouri Department of Conservation offices in Jefferson City. His topic will be “Cerulean Warblers to Coffee.” The date for the presentation is Monday, May 16, at 7:00 PM.
Born and raised on a small coffee farm in central Costa Rica, Ernesto is a self-taught naturalist who had the opportunity to learn alongside the country’s leading biologists. Although his main focus is birds, his interest in nature as a whole helps provide a more complete view of the environment and its issues.
He has collaborated with other researchers as well as his own research projects for over twenty years in Costa Rica and abroad.
Ernesto has been leading birding and natural history tours since 2003 mainly in Costa Rica, but also in other Central American countries and the United States in events such as the new River Birding and Nature Festival.
Two of his well-established projects involve the threatened Cerulean Warbler and the elusive Unspotted Saw-whet Owl. Ernesto has also combined his bird knowledge with coffee growing skills to implement agricultural practices that benefit the environment and the farmers.
Ernesto’s presentation will share all his discoveries regarding Cerulean Warblers in Costa Rica and how even small scale efforts such as their organic, shade-grown coffee farm can have a large, positive impact on the migratory species.
To learn more you can visit his website:
Please plan on attending this interesting presentation May 16. For additional information or questions, please contact Marge Lumpe

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