Jerry Wade
Youth Habitat & Education Program
Grant Application

The Missouri Bird Conservation Initiative (MoBCI) will award grants up to $500 each to purchase materials or supplies to engage youth and their educators in habitat improvement in Missouri to benefit birds. Awards will be made to the recipient's school or organization. Matching contributions are required (25¢ for every dollar requested.)


Funds available: After memorandum of understanding has been signed.
Final report due: One year after grant award date

Application Form:

(You are not required to use this form; you may provide all requested information in a separate Word or pdf document, emailed to:

Your Name
Descriptive Title of Grant
Your School or Organization
Street Address
City Zip
Email Phone Number

1a. What audience do you plan to reach? (Check all that apply.)
Preference is given to projects that reach underserved audiences.

1b. How many youth will be impacted by this project?

2a. What priority bird habitat improvements do you plan? (Check all that reasonably apply.)

2b. In two–3 sentences, briefly describe your priority bird habitat improvement project:

3. List the bird species impacted by your work.

4. Detail your learning goals for the trainees.

5. Partnerships to accomplish bird habitat conservation are strongly encouraged. In two–3 sentences detail your partners in this project and their contributions to the effort.

6. How will you know you have accomplished your project goals? Give details in two–3 sentences.

7. Describe what you plan to purchase with the up-to $500 Jerry Wade YHEP award, itemizing any individual cost over $50. Detail the source and amounts of your matching dollars. Explain how you will use your purchases to accomplish your bird habitat conservation goals.

8. Describe any additional information needed to augment General Requirements detailed in the Call for Proposals. If you would like to include supporting documents, please attach them in an e-mail to Allison Vaughn at Please limit the supporting documents to five pages.

Submit Application

When you have completed the application (and e-mailed any supporting documents to Allison Vaughn at please click "submit" below. Thank you!